The 24 steps of Disciplined Entrepreneurship

Les 24 étapes de la création d'entreprise


Part 1

Step 1 : Conduct market segmentation.


Step 2. Select a beachhead market.


Step 3. Build an end-user profile.


Step 4. Calculate the Total Addressable Market (TAM) size.


Step 5. Profile the persona for the beachhead market.


Step 6. Full life cycle use case.


Part 2


Step 7. High level product specification.


Step 8. Quantify value proposition.


Step 9. Identify your next 10 customers


Step 10. Define your core that distinguishes you from your competitors.


Step 11. Chart your competitive position.



Part 3


 Step 12. Determine the customer’s decision-making unit (DMU).


Step 13. Map customer’s acquisition process


Step 14. Calculate the TAM size for follow-on markets


Step 15. Design a business model.


Step 16. Set your pricing framework.



Last Part


Step 17. Calculate the lifetime value of an acquired customer.

Step 18. Map the sales process to acquire the customer.

Step 19. Calculate the cost of customer acquis ition (COCA) 

Step 20. Identify key assumptions.

Step 21. Test key assumptions.

Step 22. Define the minimum viable business product (MVBP).

Step 23. Take your MVBP to customers and show that they will buy it, and recommend it to their relatives and friends.


Step 24. Develop a product plan.

Méthode Entrepreneuriat B.AULET MIT
Méthode Entrepreneuriat B.AULET MIT

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